Day One

Alrighty team. Today’s the day. I’m finally getting off my fat ass to change my lifestyle and become a healthier, fitter person.

How many times have I said this to myself now? Hundreds probably. But I feel like today’s different. I weighed myself for the first time in months and nearly cried at the number that appeared below me. How can I live like this where I’m consistently upset at clothes not fitting, or that I’m too unfit to participate in activities..

My life is ruled by weight and it’s about time that I got over myself, motivated myself enough to actually achieve something awesome and change my life in the process. Today I make a pact to myself and all the people that follow this blog, that for a whole month (and hopefully more after that) I won’t touch junk food. This includes fizzy drink, cakes and chocolate, takeaways etc.


So today is truly the day. I’m 112kgs and my aim is to get down to 95kgs by Christmas. This blog is my fitness and food journal, my motivational tool and hopefully you’ll see my results as I start this adventure!